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Vanity affair

feeling pretty & fresh because I just pooped ~litter box edition~

If you're not already using a cat litter box liner, keep reading.....

We've never not used a litter box liner due to how significantly it makes clean-up easier and more efficient. From our personal experience, liners reduce the amount of time spent on overall litter removal and scrubbing the interior of the litter box ....because ALL of the cat-waste is confined within the litter liner! This completely eliminates the act of litter physically touching the interior of the litter box. To be honest, we've never had to frequently scrub or clean the interior of the litter box thanks to the liners' minimal mess. Upon waste removal, its as a simple as tying the knot of the liner's drawstrings  [[ similar to any other garbage bag that you'd remove from a trash can to take out ]] and dumping it away [[ c'est la vie! ]]. Personally, ChiaCat prefers Fresh Step's  jumbo-size litter liner [[ in purple ]] : found here on amazon :)

Also, hidden litter boxes like the one below are super discreet and cute AF. When we first started using litter boxes, we struggled with how non-aesthetically pleasing they were [[ especially, in a one-bedroom apartment with minimal space and air flow ]]. After ample research, we finally stumbled upon this trendy-looking litter box that seemingly looks like a chic-bronze planter with greenery emerging.... fools people all the time! We keep it in our marble-esque bathroom and looks more like a palm tree-type plant than a yucky cat litter box. So if you're like us and interested, check this out: found here currently discounted on amazon :)

Lastly, ChiaCat promises that this is not an ad in any way and that we currently have no affiliation with sponsors at this time. We're just thrilled to share what has worked best for us to help keep all kitty homes content.

Having said that, this is the chic-bronze pooper scooper we have consistently used that pairs perfectly with a multitude of litter boxes and has a chic-discreet vibe: petmate boode scoop'n hide deep-bucket cat litter scoop rake

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