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bath room break litter edition

If you're wondering which litter is kitten-safe and affordable, you're not alone. This means you understand the importance of providing the appropriate litter to young kitties and care about their optimal health. If you didn't get a chance to ask your breeder before returning home with ya new fur-baby, [[ no worries ]] Chichi Cat will offer our personal experience and insight to help you.

First, let's discuss why certain litters are unsafe for kittens: 1) clumping litter is no bueno bc if ingested, its expansive properties can can cause intestinal blockages [[ kittens are naturally curious and don't know yet to not eat their litter - luckily, they will grow out of this short phase but in the meantime, its best to choose non-clumping while their small digestive systems are evolving... personally, chichi-adult still loves non-clumping ]], and 2) artificial or unnatural litter isn't healthy for the respiratory system due to the higher amount of dust and scent it exudes [[ def try to choose natural litter like pine or clay !! ]].


For Chia's first 4 months, she used Feline Pine Original Cat Litter (100% Natural Pine & Non-Clumping) which comes in bags of 7 pounds, 20 pounds, and greater! It's earthy, environment-friendly, and pine has a naturally pleasing scent for odor control. After 4 months, she used Fresh Step Non-Clumping Clay Litter with Febreze [[ freshness for more odor control bc although she's tiny, her poops can be powerful!... and at this age, we felt more comfortable switching over to a scented option ]]. It's cheaper than most options at local grocery stores and we tend to prefer the 7 pound bag. You can click the links to quickly view or buy for your precious baby-kitten :-*

Once your kitten reaches cat-adulthood, there is wayyyyy more flexibility around which options to choose [[ so for now, please be cautious of the spammy instagram ads you receive for trendy, aesthetically-pleasing litter options ]]. Chichi Cat could not stress the importance of this enough as her owner had a traumatic experience with a prior kitten.  The health and well-being of your new fur-baby will thank you later. [[ Us cat enthusiasts and kitten owners gotta stick together! Amiright?! ]]

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