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gimme a drink

the fresh water kind

ChiaCat is a well-hydrated kitty who purrs in excitement over ice cubes in her water bowl. She inherently understands that water is as vital to her survival as it is to her human. Hydration, as defined by Purina, "is the physiological state of balanced electrolytes, specific minerals and fluids within the body, and maintaining this balance is important. Water is vital because it affects everything from organ function and nutrient transportation to circulation and digestion. It also helps decrease the likelihood of urinary stones and helps the kidneys flush out toxins."

.....and not just any water! Along with our vet and breeder, we suggest filtered tap water or bottled water. Filtered water removes chemical components that your fur baby may be sensitive to [[ think chlorine, fluoride, and potential contaminants ~yuck~ ]]. Note: distilled water is acidic and can lower kitty's urine PH level which could potentially cause stones or crystals so DON'T use the distilled type. To keep the aqua fresh, Chichi Cat knows that it should be replenished at least daily [[ after all, would you want to drink long-sitting water that has collected dust, dirt, and hair particles? Ew, no.. so why would your cat?! ]]

Scroll down to see the elevated, ceramic bowls ChiaCat adores:

and to view other helpful tips we learned along the way to encourage healthy hydration habits

Helpful tips:

((1)) Cats prefer water that is colder as the chilliness can be perceived as fresher [[ ice cubes can do the trick... Chichi loves 'em ]]

((2)) Keep water bowl (and food bowl) AWAY from litter area! Litter can contaminate the water with potential sources of bacteria [[ ehhem, as the old adage goes... don't poop where ya eat ]]

((3)) Despite what movies and television portray, bowls of milk are not good for cats!

((4)) ChiaCat personally prefers to drink out of a ceramic bowl but glass and metal bowls are safe too... plastic bowls may taint the water


Check out the elevated, ceramic bowls ChiaCat adores:

Chichi finds it easier to use than a standard bowl; it creates more comfort for drinking/nom-nom-ing and is trendy af.


But if you're looking for cat travelbowls that are elevated, dishwasher-approved, and made from pet-safe plastic, these are our favs:


Final tip: Specifically pertaining to wet food bowls....

ChichiCat prefers using the pet-safe plastic bowls for wet-food use only [[ in order to create less mess, her owner LOVES keeping the pictured ceramic bowls stationary for water and dry food while interchanging the other pet-safe plastic ones for wet food supply ]]

......If you are hesitant about pet-safe plastic, these metal ones are excellent too [[ and super affordable ]]

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