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while Chichi was sleeping.....

cat food was restocked and an NFT was born

Today, Chia and I embarked on an adventure to find "Fancy Feast Petites ~in Gravy~" bc that's the only type of wet food she will nom-nom AND it has been absent from the aisle shelves as of late.... Petites have been Chia's all-time-fav since the summer when it was accidentally introduced to us as back-up travel food. She refuses any alternative wet food that I offer her. This sometimes leads to her vomiting the alt-foods. [[ This might be due to pure disgust, maybe diet change, or potentially spoiled pet syndrome. ]] Nonetheless, this has added an unexpected wrench in our routines.


Spoiler alert: all three attempted store locations were a fail but read on for our solution.


NFT Hidden Adventure CollectionClick here :-*

At the first store location: cat food altogether was LACKING from the shelves. [[ Yep, I was *that girl* (ugh) and questioned our discovered-lack to the customer service desk. The woman behind the desk was kind about it, blamed it on "relabeling" (???), and had me fill out a complaint form. All the while, another staff chimed in with her knowledge of cat-finickyness (yes, cat lovers!) ]]. Although Location 1 did have ~Pate~ versions of Fancy Feast, Chia and I learnt from our previous mistakes and did not settle. We left... onto the next!


At the second: there was cat litter but NOT ONE product of cat food to be found on the shelves. We were quite disappointed by Location 2 because the dog products dominated. Also,  it was a bit of a drive further than desired which required temporary illegal parking. [[ Thank you, car hazards in short duration of time = no parking ticket. ]]

At the third: we were feeling more optimistic and ready for success [[ particularly because Location 3 displayed the words "CAT FOOD" printed largely on the aisle's sign leading us to the believe that the owners MUST be fellow cat lovers (respect!). ]] As we eyed through the shelves, our hope began to diminish when we recognized the non-existence of Petites yet again. We spied a fellow cat lover in the aisle who had the same taste in cat litter as us and sparked up conversation. [[ Us cat lovers gotta stay tg! ]] However, she wasn't familiar with Fancy Feast Petites ~In Gravy~, meh.


Ultimately we had to compromise and choose the "Fancy Feast Canned ~in Gravy~" version. Luckily, this option had its perks: it was packaged in bulk for an affordable discount AND was ~in Gravy~ instead of ~Pate~. In pursuit to subdue the immediate craving and complete our adventure's mission, we purchased with our heads held high. Hours later, we were delighted by the canned version. Tummies were full and no vomit! Success! Moral of the story, we'll plan in advance and use Amazon next time.

Evidence of a happy Chia well-fed:

Screen Shot 2021-12-15 at 12.45.42 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-15 at 12.45.01 AM.png
Cat Food
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